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QuickBooks Bank Reconciliation Example Of Procedures

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A clerk accidentally entered an employee’s hours worked for the week as 380 instead of 38. The data entry control that would best prevent this error would be A. Credit card reconciliation is just one type of reconciliation, and there are several other types such as bank, vendor, customer, intercompany, and business reconciliation. For example, inventory reconciliation is crucial for hardware-intensive companies like manufacturers or tech companies, where every item in the warehouse needs to be accounted for.


Established policies, procedures, and documentation that provide guidance and training to ensure consistent performance at a required level of quality. These should be available at all levels of the organization. Industrial Manufacturing Keep your Finance and Accounting teams from struggling with outdated financial close processes. Built for mid-sized organizations, Adra automates your most important financial close tasks – so you can simplify your processes and close faster with confidence.

Staff may have made the transaction to the incorrect account. There may have been a calculation problem in the Excel file you used to calculate the journal entry. All of these things will occur at some point in the life of any organization. However, if you reconcile your accounts regularly, you may avoid errors as they happen. Timing discrepancies, missing transactions, mistakes, and fraudulent activity are the primary contributors to account balances that do not correspond to the supporting documentation. With account reconciliation, firms would have difficulty discovering and preventing inaccuracies on their balance sheets, which could be problematic if an audit is conducted.

Types of Reconciliation

Provide two examples of xero pricing changes and plan updates controls applied by companies. Fiscal Service also provides a monthly listing of checks issued from TCIS’s database, the TCIS 72 Report, to each NTDO and RFC headquarters office. The 72 Report identifies block numbers for checks processed. It includes the FMS 5206 adjustments initiated by Treasury and all adjustments requested by the DO. This report assists agencies in the reconciliation of unmatched items identified on the Comparison of Check Issue—Detail Report.

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The total unmatched items should agree with your Statement of Difference for that audit month. The unmatched items should be researched and resolved within 2 months of occurrence. To identify items that are causing a difference, compare the documents listed on the DT/DV Support Listings to the documents listed on the transaction logs prepared by your agency.

‍What is Balance Sheet Reconciliation?

Is there anything less sexy in business than sitting down to reconcile your bookkeeping? Small businesses are usually really good at pushing bookkeeping to the back burner because of all the other tasks that they consider more important. If you stay consistent and set up a normal routine for reconciling your QuickBooks file then you will be doing better than most. Let’s face it stuff comes up and it is easy to put bookkeeping off because in reality it can be done at any time. Try setting aside some time out of normal business hours to get your books reconciled and stick to the routine. It provides financial institutions consistency and precision in data sources, which can be used as an advantage during the decision-making process.


Also, CAD can assist agencies in obtaining contact names and phone numbers. If it is a legitimate bill, the agency reports it on its next SOA (Section I, line 2.80; and Section II, Part A, column 3) as a prior-period adjustment. If it is not a legitimate bill, charge it back to the agency. Report both the bill and the charge back on the agency’s SOA for the month accomplished. Solution – Refer to the IPAC contact list available from GOALS II. Based on the Disbursing Office symbol, obtain a contact name and phone number.

Intercompany Reconciliation

A bank reconciliation will also detect some types of fraud after the fact; this information can be used to design better controls over the receipt and payment of cash. Businesses must reconcile their accounts to avoid balance sheet errors, fraud, and lousy audit views. Companies often undertake balance sheet reconciliations each month after the previous month’s books are closed. Account reconciliation of this sort entails checking all balance sheet accounts to ensure that transactions are appropriately booked into the relevant general ledger account. If the recorded journal entries are erroneous, they may need to be adjusted.

A record of cash collected must be maintained by the employee responsible for accepting the cash. This could be in the form of a cash register tape, a revenue log, a pre-numbered receipts book, etc. This record will be compared to the actual cash on hand during the daily balancing of the register or cash box.

Best Practices to Enhance Your Reconciliation Process

Your company’s general ledger is what they use to prepare financial reports. It includes not only income and expenses, but also savings, asset values, and debt accounts. In short, the GL account keeps track of your cash flow from beginning to end. By far, the best way to both prevent and correct these inappropriate expenses is through a corporate account reconciliation.

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When data is processed, a variety of internal controls are performed to check the accuracy, completeness and authorization of transactions. Data entered is subject to edit checks or matching to approved control files or totals. Numerical sequences of transactions are accounted for, and file totals are controlled and reconciled with prior balances and control accounts.

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The accounts payable are payments to another subsidiary with which they have an intercompany relationship. They are important to keep track of, for operational purposes, even though it may not be accounted as a real transaction and will be eliminated from both subsidiaries. As noted in the preceding special issue, if a check remains uncleared for a long time, you will probably void the old check and issue a replacement check. If you voided it with the bank, the bank should reject the check when it is presented. If you did not void it with the bank, then you must record the check with a credit to the cash account and a debit to indicate the reason for the payment .


The Delegations by Month viewreturns delegations that were active during the month selected in the prompt. Regardless of the day selected in the month the full month of activity will return. If a vendor overcharged the system, then you would need to pursue that discrepancy with the vendor to ensure you are refunded from the overpayment. Working with a remote bookkeeping service will still provide you with all the value you could get from an in-office bookkeeper but at a fraction of the cost.

GL reconciliation is the process of matching every transaction of the general ledger with bank statements, sales receipts, and other documents. For instance, most businesses will have a rent receipt, several credit card statements, and myriad bank statements. When you perform a GL reconciliation, you’ll make sure that everything agrees down to the penny. And, if there’s a discrepancy, you’ll have to find the source and address it before closing the books. As we mentioned above, the reconciliation process ensures that your bank’s transaction data matches what’s expected from internal records. For instance, if you spent $500.01 at Staples in January, your January credit card statement should show the same $500.01 as your sales receipt.

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Identify at least one risk that auditors need to consider for companies that process web-based sales transactions, including credit card payments. For the risk identified, develop a mitigation risk strategy. A bank reconciliation must be completed every month for each bank account that the college controls and for system office accounts. For each type of transaction or activity, document a plan for researching and correcting errors or discrepancies, including setting thresholds for investigation. Communicate these processes and procedures with the appropriate staff members.

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